Wings Over Waters

Maisie smiles, lovingly kneading the dough for the steak and kidney pie she’s making for dinner.

It had been a long time since she’d made an effort for Norris in the kitchen, knowing how he sniped at her from across the dining room table.

Actually, he complained about most things these days, from how his shirts hadn’t been ironed to how messy the house was, but after 35 years of marriage and family life, Maisie felt she’d served her time as the household’s personal slave and realised that she didn’t love her husband any more.

She’d started making a life for herself outside of the home, much to Norris’s consternation, taking evening classes and learning to dance the Tango with her widowed friend, Julian.

Tonight though, when Norris was a snoring lump in front of the TV, she’d be wheeling her suitcase out of the front door with a one…

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