It’s Halloween and I have a mask on. It’s not a mask I purchased or made, it’s a mask I put on everyday. It’s a mask made of well me. It’s a mask of my fears, hopes, dreams, thoughts. It’s a mask that washes away an unclean and not so pure feeling. It’s a mask for the ugly stuff I harbor deep inside my soul. I wear this mask mostly out of fear. Fear of letting people in, fear of letting people go, fear of the truth when confronted with it. They say the truth will set you free. Well if this is freedom I may choose to keep my mask on and guard what little I have left of my weary and masked heart. I often wonder how many of us wear these masks and what they hide. Those of you that connect with people on a bit of a deeper level I hope know what I mean. We all carry on conversations everyday with lots of folks. The same mundane conversation over and over. How’s the family? Did you see this last night or do that. The same standard stuff. But every now and again you get a glimpse of what others look like without their masks and if you care for that person it doesn’t matter what they look like without it. In fact it is clean and pure and kind. It’s beautiful. Oh it doesn’t happen to often in fact most of us may never get to experience what that feels like. Just like most of us never experience true love. And even when you do get that glimpse of it, it’s like it doesn’t stay for long and most of the time ends in disappointment and sometimes much worse. All the more reason for that mask. I think I’ve rambled on long enough. I have to get back to polishing my mask…



For some time I’ve been following an emerging subculture on Twitter. I have referred to it occasionally as “stoner Twitter poets”, but as it attains consciousness of itself as a phenomenon, it has given itself a name: weird twitter.

Weird twitter posts tend to be of the following forms:

  • A brutally sincere statement of personal perspective, often with philosophical and spiritual sentiment, but just as often profane
  • nounal phrases referring to surreal compositions of objects
  • “sext:” followed by a declaration of attraction that is often only peripherally erotic (to humorous effect)
  • norm-building posts on appropriate twitter behavior, the state of weird twitter, and discussion of ‘favstars’

Interestingly, while Facebook “Likes” are generally derided, the “weird twitter” community holds the “favstar” in high esteem, as are pyramids and bots (especially ‘spam’ bots, like Horse Ebooks, which are used as source material for aleatoric poetry). And, though romance and attraction are…

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